Advanced Poll is a robust yet complete Wordpress plugin to help everyone create and manage polls effectively. This plugin is built to show polls in posts, pages and widgets of Wordpress. Along with various setting options in each poll, Advanced Poll has a user-friendly interface design that assists you during setting process.

Advanced Poll is strongly customizable and flexible. Apart from 8 gorgeous themes, there are tons of options to support you in changing colors or text of poll elements. Especially, the plugin enables you to add Captcha and set multiple security layers for each poll.


  • Compatibility: Advanced Poll works well on latest Wordpress versions.
  • Easy to use: You can easily play with it without obstacles.
  • Flexible answer type: Unlike other polls which accept only text, Advanced Poll allows you to insert image, media and even html to your poll answers..
  • Security: There are many options such as security layers (Cookie, IP Address, User), captcha, show result,... to prevent fake votes or spam votes and to keep you poll private.
  • Beautiful design: In addition to the default beautiful, modern theme you are freely to customize your own theme with 8 chroma preset themes and various style options.
  • Easy Integration: You can easily add your poll to sidebar with Advanced Poll widget or implement your poll anywhere using Advanced Poll shortcode.
  • Data Logs: Trackback every vote, with an informative logs to detect any cheating or to analyze poll statistics with day graph/country graph.

Click here to view demo.


To install Advanced Poll plugin. Please follow these steps:

  1. Download the plugin to your local machine. The plugin should be a zip file package.
  2. From backend of your wordpress site, click PluginsAdd NewUpload Plugin.

    Install New Plugin

  3. After Advanced Poll was installed correctly, you need to active it. Click PluginsInstalled PluginsActive

    Active Plugin

Create New Poll

Click on Advanced PollsAdd New Poll to create a new poll.

Poll Details

Poll Details

  • Question of poll is required.
  • Description: This field allows you to add images/text to poll description.
  • Start Publishing: Set an optional date to start publishing the poll.
  • Finish Publishing: Set an optional date to end publishing the poll.

Poll Answers

Poll Answers

You can add as many answers to a poll as you want. You are also allowed to edit vote count and color of each answer. These answer colors have direct effects on colors of Pie, Doughnut and Polar Chart elements.

Html Answers

Click on the image icon on the right of answer title, you will see the full editor where you are free to use images and html.

Html Answers 2

Poll Options

Poll Options

  • Max Choices: Choose the maximum number of answers that voters can select.
  • Security Layers: You can add multiple security layers (Cookie, IP Address or User) to one poll.
  • Captcha: This option allows you to show or not show Captcha in one poll.
  • Allow Voting Again: Voters can vote again after an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year or cannot vote again.
  • Show Description: You can hide description or show it before/after the question.
  • Display Answers: Answers can be arranged in 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns.
  • Button Text: You can change text of Vote, Results and Back buttons.
  • Other Anwer: If you selected Yes, visitors could add their own answers in Other box. Text of 'Other' option can be changed as well.
  • Show Other Answer: Option to show/hide the Other answers of voters in the result window.
  • Show Result: Set poll to always/never show result or only show result after being voted.
  • Result Display: This option shows the Result Screen on the same page or on a popup window.
  • Result Graph: There are 8 types of result graphs, including Scaling Line, Relative Line and Pie, Doughnut, Polar, Line, Bar, Radar Chart.
  • Show Votes: Show number of votes in the result view.

Theme Customization

There are 8 gorgeous themes to choose. Based on these basic themes, you change the following options to create your own theme. If all the options are not enough, you can use Custom CSS field to add more style to the poll.

Wrapper Style

Wrapper Style

  • Border Color: Set the color of poll's border.
  • Background Color: Change the Result's background color.
  • Background Image: Create image background of the poll.
  • Image Repeat: Use this option to repeat the image in the background.
  • Image Alignment: There are 9 positions to align the image.

Header/Body Style

Header/Body Style

  • Question Background Color: Background color of the question.
  • Question Text Color: Text color of the question.
  • Answers Wrapper Background: Background color of the whole answer panel.
  • Answer Background: Background color that wraps around the answers. This option is left blank by default to have the same color with Answers Wrapper Background.
  • Answer Color: Text color of answers.
  • Description Background: Background color of the poll description.
  • Description Color: Text color of the poll description.

Footer Style

Footer Style

  • Footer Background Color: Background color of poll's footer.
  • Footer Text Color: Text color of poll's footer.
  • Vote Button Background: Background color of the vote button.
  • Vote Button Color: Text color of the vote button.
  • Vote Button Hover Background: Background color of the vote button on mouseover.
  • Vote Button Hover Color: Text color of the vote button on mouseover.
  • Results Button Background: Background color of the result button.
  • Results Button Color: Text color of the result button.
  • Results Button Hover Background: Background color of the result button on mouseover.
  • Results Button Hover Color: Text color of the result button on mouseover.
  • All colors of the Back Button copy precisely colors of the Vote Button.

Graph Style

Graph Style

  • Line Color: Color of the line graph of the Scaling and Relative Line.
  • Line Background Color: Background color of the line graph of the Scaling and Relative Line.
  • Fill Color: Color of filled part of Line, Bar and Radar Chart.
  • Stroke Color: Border line color of Line, Bar and Radar Chart.
  • Hightlight Fill Color: Hover color of filled part of Bar Chart.
  • Highlight Stroke Color:Hover border line color of Bar Chart.
  • Point Color: Point color of Line and Radar Chart.
  • Angle Line Color: Axis color of Radar Chart.
  • Scale Line Color: This option allows you to change the scale line color of Polar and Radar Chart as well as x/y-axis color of Line and Bar Chart.
  • Scale Grid Line Color: Grid line color of Line and Bar Chart.
  • Scale Font Color: Font color of figures on Polar, Line and Bar Chart.


  • Most of the options in General and Theme sections are the same as options in each poll but they are considered default options and used when you want to apply the general style to all polls.
  • However, you should notice the setting of Vote poll. you add User to Security Layers, you have to tick the correct box to allow users in the selected groups to have vote permission.


How to use Captcha?

Advanced Poll uses No Captcha reCaptcha so what you need to do is registering your website on Google reCaptcha to get Site Key and Secret Key.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Get reCAPTCHA button on the right top corner of the page.

    Get Captcha

  3. Fill in all fields, especially Domains. E.g:

    Register New Site

  4. After getting Site Key and Secret Key successfully, add these keys to corresponding fields in Advanced PollConfigurationGeneral.
  5. You also need to enable Google Captcha option.

    Recaptcha Options

Show Poll

Show Poll in Content

  • Advanced Poll button appears in all Posts or Pages of WordPress.

    AdvPoll Shortcode

  • Click anywhere in your content to choose position. Then click the button to select one poll to show. Or add shortcode [advpoll id="<ID>"] to the content, <ID> is the id number of a poll.

Show Poll as Widget

  • Go to AppearanceWidgets to access Widgets Management. Here you can see the Advanced Poll has already been available to use.
  • Drag Advanced Poll widget to any Widget Area. Select a random, latest, popular or chosen poll to display in the widget.

    Show as widget


If you have questions regarding specific details or need any help with the product, feel free to contact us, Submit a ticket or join Extstore forum.